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The mission of Homeward Bound Schnauzer Rescue, Inc. is to rescue and locate forever, loving homes for miniature schnauzers and schnauzer mix dogs.


Our vision is that every schnauzer/schnauzer mix will have a loving, forever home in which to thrive. While our primary geographic area will include Delaware, Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, we will accept dogs from other areas provided we have a foster home and financial resources available.

Prior to adoption, each dog will be spayed/neutered, updated on appropriate vaccinations and receive the care needed to ensure they are adoptable (including, but not limited to, surgery to remove bladder stones, stabilization of diabetes, etc.).

As stated in the By-Laws, HB will engage in the following activities to help us meet the needs of the dogs we serve:

(a) To advocate for and promote humane and responsible pet ownership, including spaying and neutering;
(b)To increase public awareness of, and to encourage solutions to, the overpopulation problem;
(c) To conduct animal rescue, sanctuary, hospice and adoption services;
(d) To ensure that senior schnauzer and schnauzer mix dogs are placed into loving adoptive or hospice homes in which to live out their lives;
(e) To assist law enforcement and government agencies to improve animal welfare conditions; and
(f) To perform any other lawful activities for which corporations may be organized under the general Laws of the State of Maryland that are not inconsistent with the Purposes set forth herein.

In order to fulfill this mission/vision, we will engage a network of dedicated volunteers to assist with a variety of activities including providing loving foster homes, serving as advocates and transporting dogs.

Homeward Bound Schnauzer Rescue, Inc. (HB) was created by a group of individuals interested in helping miniature schnauzers and schnauzer mixes find their way to a forever home that best suits their needs.

As schnauzer lovers, we recognize the need that is out there. Whether it’s a personal surrender, a neglected senior, or those that are rescued from kill shelters and puppy mills, they all need and deserve a loving home. And that’s what Homeward Bound Schnauzer Rescue is determined to do!

But, we can’t do it alone. We need your help. We are an organization run 100% by dedicated volunteers. We are committed to our mission to rescue and provide forever, loving homes for miniature schnauzers and schnauzer mix dogs. We are also committed to each other; we will support each other as we travel this journey together.

Our Board will operate in a seamless, transparent manner. We will be open and honest when it comes to communication with our volunteers about the dogs as well as the finances. All opinions are welcome and will be considered. While not everyone will be happy with every decision, the reason(s) will be explained and communicated. After all, we are all in this together!

We will generate the funding necessary to support our operations through ongoing fundraising activities, adoption fees, and soliciting donations.

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